Who can do it »
Drop of Dhamma Delight!

Who can do it? U can!

Urge, incite and teach yourself by yourself!
Examine and evaluate yourself using yourself!
Guard yourself, be aware of yourself, inside yourself!
:-) _/_ and you will come to live in Happiness ...
Dhammapada 379

For self is the master of self.
For self is the protector of self.
For self is the saviour of self.
Control therefore yourself by taming,
just like one who has bought a wild horse!
Dhammapada 380

Full of Joy, content and satisfied, the Noble friend
with perfect confidence in the Teaching of the Buddha,
will reach the place of pure Peace, the unconditional and
unconditioned sameness of Free
Open Happiness itself ...
Dhammapada 381

The Dhammapada = Poems on The Right Way:

Who can do it? You can do it!

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