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No Agent or Actor exists! Only Impersonal Processes Unfolds!

Question: Who is the Creator ? Answer: Nobody is the Creator of anything!
Q: What then is Creating ? A: Ignorance and Craving is Creating!
Q: What is Ignorance & Craving Creating ? A: Ignorance & Craving Creates Suffering!
Question: Who Perceives ? Answer: Nobody Perceives anything!
Q: What then is Perceiving ? A: The Perception process itself Perceives!
Q: What does Perception Perceive ? A: Form, sound, smell, taste, touch & thoughts!
Question: Who Feels ? Answer: Nobody Feels anything!
Q: What then is Feeling ? A: The process of Feeling itself feels!
Q: What does Feeling feel ? A: Feeling feels pleasure, pain & neutrality!
Question: Who is the Knower ? Answer: Nobody is the Knower of anything!
Q: What then is Knowing ? A: The state of Knowledge itself knows!
Q: What is Knowledge Knowing ? A: Knowledge knows: Such is Pain, the Cause of Pain,
  the End of Pain, and the Way to End all Pain!










There exist no static entities anywhere! Entities implying stability are just language conventions.
All phenomena are dynamic processes enacted by selfless, ownerless and coreless conditions...

More on this enigmatic doctrine of No-Self (Anatta), which is the very core of Buddhism:

On No-Self (Anattā) impersonality, ego-lessness, I-Me-Mine-voidness, no identical identity:


Who or rather What! is the Creator?

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