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The Senses run after objects like Wild Horses!

The eye likes to see beautiful and attractive forms. The ear likes to hear
sounds that are beautiful, melodious and pleasing to the mind. The nose likes
to smell things that are pleasantly scented, making one feel elated & joyful.
The tongue likes to taste things that are delicious. The body likes to touch
and feel things that are soft and smooth, which produces a mental state of
absorbed fascination all the time without ever having too much of it.
All of this originates from the mind, which is the overlord of all these sense
sources. The mind is the one that wants to play about with them all the time
without being the least bit concerned to consider what is right or wrong,
what is good or bad. All the mind wants, is to fulfill its desires. This makes
all the fields of sense, including the eye, ear, nose, tongue and body, whirl
about according to the emotional dictates of the mind. It is the mental
defilements that force the mind to this rampage of struggling for stimuli.
When guarding each sense field, we must keep a guard on the mind at the
same time. The mind is the ringleader, which constantly creates the desire
to see sights, to hear sounds, to smell scents, to taste foods and to sense
touches. The mind is the one that desires, that craves, that is ever hungry
and thirsty, the one that goes searching for sensations. So the mind uses its
instruments, which are the eyes, ear, nose, tongue and body, as the paths by
which it travels out to search for all sorts of objects that induce pleasure.
So you must guard the mind with awareness and investigate it carefully with
understanding. Don't let it roam about getting involved in things, which are
dangerous. Use awareness to control the mind & understanding to examine
the objects that arise from making contact with forms, sounds, smells,
tastes and things which contact the body, so as to learn the basic truth of
such momentary contacts. Then mind will remain detached and indifferent.
It will not love some things and hate others, and so become angry. It will
then easily enter into a state of calm & peacefulness without always being
burdened or troubled by external matters. When the mind is replete and
satisfied in that calm state, it will withdraw from it & examine the internal
sense sources of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body as being merely empty
instruments of the mind. It will then examine those objects in relation to the
mind, seeing that they both become intimately blended together, as though
they were one and the same thing. You will see that sensations are things,
which infiltrate the mind, and so are not one & the same thing as the mind,
which nevertheless run out after these empty sensations as wild horses...

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Source (edited extract):
Venerable Ajaan Khao Anālayo Biography.
by Ajaan Mahā Boowa ñānasampanno. Translated by Ajaan Paññāvaddho:

Published by: Forest Dhamma Books. Baan Taad Forest Monastery. Udon
Thani 41000, Thailand fdbooks@gmail.com, www.forestdhammabooks.com

Venerable Ajaan Khao Anālayo. 1888-1983. He was a Bhikkhu for 64 years!
"Anālayo" means: Without Desire... ~ no attachments..

Wild Horses!

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