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Adopting a particular View, Generates a particular Future!

Buddha often emphasized that any view leads to a specific future:
When one regards one's own views and opinions as the best, seeing all other
views as inferior, that very tenacious attitude, the experts know as a knot!
A Bhikkhu should
thus not depend upon anything seen, heard, or thought of..
Neither should he form any views based on his knowledge, virtuous conduct,
or vows. He should not
think of himself as neither equal, nor inferior, nor as
superior to anything, or anybody. Having relinquished what had been taken up,
and not taking any new opinion up again, not depending even upon knowledge,
not a member of any faction, he does not believe in any view at all... They do
neither form, nor adopt any views,
nor do they prefer, or select any opinion,
nor do they cling to any particular dogma. Gone to the far shore, such a one
does not come back again! For him who has no desire for renewed existence
neither here, nor beyond, for him there are no form of being whatever, that
he would propel into through having decided among the many various views...
Sutta-Nipāta 796-803 Edited excerpt.

Whatever an enemy might do to an enemy,
or a hater might do to another blinded by hate,
the mind wrongly directed by false or evil view,
may do to oneself, yet even far much worse!
Dhammapada Illustration 42 Background Story 42

Seeing wrong, where there is no wrong,
while ignoring the wrong there really is there,
such folly false views lead to a painful future state...
Dhammapada Illustration 318 Background Story 318+319

Knowing the wrong as wrong,
and the right to be right,
such correct view brings one to
a happy future state...
Dhammapada Illustration 319 Background Story 318+319

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