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How to go in order to reach the End:

The Buddha once explained how to wander appropriately in this world:
Having rooted out omens, symbols, tokens, dreams and signs, such bhikkhu,
will wander properly in this world. Having dispelled all his passion for sensual
pleasures, both human and divine. Having gone beyond all renewed becoming.
Having understood the Dhamma doctrine, he would wander properly in this
world. Having put slander,
anger and meanness behind him, and with both
compliance, and opposition completely relinquished, he wanders worthy here.
Having abandoned both the pleasant, and the unpleasant, not clinging, not
depending upon anything, completely released from all the mental confines,
one will wander rightly in this world.
Having dispelled all passion and desire
for attachments, and acquisitions void of essence, independent, not to be
led by others, he would wander properly in the world. Not opposing anyone
or anything neither mentally, verbally, or physically,
longing for the state of
quenching, neither wounding, nor binding others,
without thorns, or doubts,
one can wander smoothly in this world.
Knowing that only harmlessness is
suitable for himself, with the roots of hate, greed and ignorance rooted out,
being without any inclination, latent tendency, or mental fermentation, he
would wander properly in this world. Convinced, learned, seeing this 1 way,
not following any faction among the groups, sects, or families, quite wise,
having eliminated both favouritism, and aversion,
victoriously purified, far
famed, mastering all mental phenomena, gone to the other shore, without lust,
skilled in ceasing all activity, he will wander silenced, all stilled in this world.
Discerning events both past, and future, entirely released from all sensing,
knowing the state of peace,
self-controlled, having razed all accumulation,
he would wander perfectly in any world... Sutta Nipata 360-375

More one these Worthy and Noble Arahats all gone beyond even the end:
Arahat QualitiesBest among Gods & Men, Withdrawn_and_Accomplished
Intelligent_and_ Energetic, Humble_and_amenable,

Worthy Wandering...

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