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Gradually Deeper Degree of Stilled Ceasing: 

In the 1st meditative jhāna absorption, all sense-desire ceases...
In the 2nd meditative
jhāna absorption, all conceptual thinking ceases.
In the 3rd meditative
jhāna absorption, any enraptured Joy ceases.
In the 4th meditative
jhāna absorption, breathing in and out ceases.
In the sphere of infinite space, the experience of form and sense reaction ceases.
In the sphere of infinite consciousness, the experience of infinite space ceases.
In the sphere of nothingness, the experience of infinite consciousness ceases.
In the sphere of neither-perception-nor-non-perception, nothingness ceases...
When attaining complete mental cessation, all perception and sensation ceases.

These 9 sublime states have been perfectly formulated by the blessed Buddha,
who knew and saw directly. Therefore
we should recite them together for the
future advantage, welfare, and happiness for both human beings and devas...


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What is Right Concentration?

Source: The Exhaustive Speeches by the Buddha. Digha Nikāya 33

For the complete details of the entrance to these exalted states:
see: The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga. Chapter III-XI:

Sweet is Ceasing...

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