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How to Accumulate a Mountain of Advantage?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, if anyone were to say about something, that it is a Mountain
of Advantage, then it is about the Four Foundations of Awareness that
one could rightly say this.  For this is indeed an absolute accumulation of
advantage, these Four Foundations of Awareness. What four?
When a determined and devoted Bhikkhu considers:
1: The Body just as a transient frame: An empty container ...
2: The Feelings only as fleeting contacts: A short reactive blink ...
3: The Mind merely as temporary temper: A mentally habitual mood...
4: Phenomena as made up of and manifested by momentary mental states ...
while always acutely aware and clearly comprehending, he thereby removes
any greed, envy, jealousy, irritation and dissatisfaction rooted in this world...
If, bhikkhus, one were to say of anything: A heap of pure advantageousness,
it is about these four establishments of mindfulness that one could rightly
say this. For this is a complete and excellent mass of good uplifting future,
that is, these Four Foundations of Awareness...

The Four Frames of Reference!

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Source of reference (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 187] 47 The Foundations of Awareness: 45 Accumulated Advantage..

Mountain of Advantage!

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