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Nothing is ever Worth Clinging to!

A certain Bhikkhu once asked the Blessed Buddha:
Venerable Sir, how should one know and see, in order to eliminate all
ignorance and to facilitate the emergence of real and true knowledge?
Bhikkhu, when one has heard that: Nothing is worth clinging to
then one directly knows everything! Having directly known everything,
one fully understands everything! Having fully understood everything,
one sees & regards all aspects, signs and phenomena quite differently:
As something remote, as something alien, as something other, & neither
as something that is 'me', nor 'mine', nor as an 'I', a 'self, or an 'Ego'!
One regards the eye, all forms, visual consciousness, eye-contact, feelings
& experiences caused seeing quite differently... As something remote...
One regards the ear, all sounds, auditory consciousness, ear-contact, and
feelings & experiences by hearing differently... As something foreign...
One regards the nose, all smells, olfactory consciousness, nose-contact,
& smelled feelings & experiences differently. As something quite alien!
One regards the tongue, any taste, gustatory consciousness, tongue-contact,
tasted feelings & experiences differently... As something superficial...
One regards the body, any touch, tactile consciousness, body-contacts and
touched feelings & experiences very differently... As something external!
One regards the mind, any thought, mental consciousness, mental-contacts, &
thought out feelings & experiences differently... As something all detached!
When, Bhikkhu, whoever knows & sees all signs and appearances thus, then all
ignorance is left behind by him and real and true knowledge has emerged...

Detached Alien Remoteness: Nothing is worth clinging to!

More on Clinging:

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [50]
Section 35: On The 6 Senses. The Elimination of Ignorance: 80.

Detached Alien Remoteness:  Nothing is worth clinging to!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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