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Infinite is All-Embracing Kindness!

The Blessed Buddha once said: Embrace the Cosmos!
Bhikkhus and Friends: There are these four infinite & divine mental states:
The Bhikkhu pervades all beings with all-embracing friendliness ...
The Bhikkhu encompass all beings with universal and endless pity ...
The Bhikkhu permeates all beings with infinite and mutual joy ...
The Bhikkhu suffuses all beings with unlimited equanimity ...
First in one direction, then the second, then the third, and to the fourth,
above, below, all around, in every location, uniting himself with all beings,
he pervades the entire universe with an all-embracing pure friendliness,
with all-embracing compassion and pity, with all-embracing mutual and
altruistic joy, with an all-embracing imperturbable equanimity, using a
refined mind, which is made great, vast, profound, infinite, immeasurable,
released from all hate, anger, irritation, opposition and stubbornness...
Source: DN33

Because of hate, overwhelmed and obsessed by hate, one lives by doing evil
deeds, speaking evil words, and thinking evil thoughts... While doing this one
neither really understands one's own welfare, nor the welfare of others,
nor the welfare of both... If, however, this hate is overcome and subdued,
then one lives while doing good deeds, speaking kind words, and thinking
advantageous thoughts...  Therefore while doing this good one really knows
what is for one's own present & future welfare, for the welfare of others,
and to the welfare of both oneself and all other beings...
Source: AN 3:55

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 Infinite is All-Embracing Kindness!

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