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Expectation inevitably creates Disappointment:

How does one create future frustration for oneself? By expecting:
Ooh May I enjoy such and such form in the future.
Ooh May I delight in this and that feeling in the future.
Ooh May I experience exactly these lovely things in the future.
Ooh May I receive my beloved favourite experiences in the future.
Ooh May I relish
only in those mental states, that I like in the future.
Ooh May I be satisfied by solely favourite sorts of consciousness in future.
Ooh May I not  meet this or that disliked person, event, circumstance, etc. etc.
in any future...

On the contrary: One is always content  if one is without any expectations:
Let the past be past, passed and forgotten, for never to return to it again!
Let forms, feelings, experiences, hopes and mind here and now be as they may!
Let whatever arise and cease! Relinquishing all hoping and wishing for whatever
future forms, feelings, experiences, constructions and types of consciousness:
May I
just remain aware, calm, clear, content, and thus utterly unagitated :-)

Let it be, as it may! 
Let it come, as it comes! 
Let it go, as it goes!
Good is contentment with just what one has, with just what there is present!

More on calm satisfied Contentment:

Source: The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya III 11-12

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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