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Revulsion Releases since Disillusion Frees!

Any kind of form whatsoever; Any kind of feeling whatsoever;
Any kind of perception whatsoever; Any kind of construction whatsoever;
Any kind of consciousness whatsoever; Whether past, present or future;
Whether internal or external; Whether fair or foul; Whether high or low;
Whether far or near; Should be seen & understood as it really is:
This is transient, impermanent, uncertain and ultimately unsafe!
This is therefore disappointing, frustrating, and inevitably painful!
This is thus 'Not Me', 'Not Mine',
'Not what I am', 'Not My Self'...
Seeing this, the Noble learner is disgusted by all kinds of forms, feelings,
perceptions, mental constructions and all types of consciousness.
Being disgusted he experiences disillusion, disenchantment, and dispassion.
By this very disillusion,
is craving fully extinguished and his mind is released!
Such cooled and liberated one understands: This round of rebirth is ended,
the Noble Life is completed, done is what should be done, there is no state
of becoming beyond this... 

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Source: The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya II 124-5

Disillusion Frees!

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