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Appropriate Appreciation is Gratitude!

One should always be grateful towards one's Parents! Why so?
They have worked hard and very long raising one into existence!

One should always be grateful towards one's Teachers! Why so?
They do much to make one learn, and understand what really is good...

One should always be grateful towards one's Friends! Why so?
They have shown one an open trusty kindness, and much goodwill!

One should always be grateful towards one's Spouse! Why so?
They have loyally accompanied one along a long, and curly way...

What is the future kammic effect of gratitude versus ungratefulness?
The one who is grateful will receive gifts, and favours often ever again!
The one who is
ungrateful will often never  again receive gifts, nor favours!
Thankfulness thus wisely invested, therefore indeed pays back quite a lot...
Yet the ideal altruism is that, which does not expect/demand anything in return..
Since 'giving' with the one hand, while wanting something back with the other hand
is not really "giving", but plain monkey-business under cover of a craving unawareness ...
Open-handed generosity only rejoices, when sharing with the worthy and the needy :-)

Always Say Thanx! and be genuinely Open-handed :-)

Thanx for Your Attention! ;-)

Gracious is Gratitude!

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