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 The 10 Tricks in the Art of Jhāna Concentration:

Making the basis pure: Means a clean body, a clean room, and a clean morality. 
2: Balanced abilities: Energy on same level as concentration. Faith as understanding.
3: Skill in the sign: Any moment of absorption is remembered exactly for recollection.
4: One exerts the mind on all occasions by advantageously pushing and prodding it forth.
5: One controls the mind on all occasions by advantageously holding it checked and back.
6: One encourages mind on all occasions by advantageously inciting and cheering the mind.
7: One observes the mind by calm on-looking equanimity, when things proceed appropriately.
8: One avoids all distracted, agitated, frantic, unconcentrated, and stressed up persons.
9: One cultivates company with well focused, always determined, and concentrated persons.
10: One is resolutely single-minded upon reaching that absorption level of jhāna  concentration!
Visuddhimagga I 128.

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