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Mettã is likened to a Mother's Love:


The Blessed Buddha once said:
As a mother would risk
even her own life to protect her only child, exactly
so let us cultivate immeasurable loving-kindness towards all living beings!

I am a friend of the footless,
I am a friend of all bipeds,
I am a friend of those with four feet,
I am a friend of the many-footed!
Anguttara Nikaya 4.67

Among tigers, lions, leopards and bears I lived in the jungle.
No one was frightened of me, nor did I fear anyone.
Uplifted by such universal friendliness, I enjoyed the forest.
Finding great solace in such sweetly silenced solitude…
Suvanna-sama Jātaka 540

May all creatures, all breathing things,
all beings one and all, without exception,
experience good fortune only.
May they not fall into any harm.
Anguttara Nikaya II, 72

With good will for the entire cosmos,
cultivate a limitless heart and mind:
Beaming above, below, and all around,
unobstructed, without trace of hostility.
Sutta Nipata I, 8

Train yourself in doing only good
that lasts and brings great happiness.
Cultivate generosity, a peaceful living,
and a mentality of infinite friendliness.
Ittivuttuka 16


Video on Mettā  Meditation on Friendliness:
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