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The Forward & Reverse Causality of Existence:

So have I heard:
After 7 days of non-stop sitting meditation in the bliss of Awakening,
The Buddha in the last watch of the night directed his unified attention to
dependent co-arising in both forward & reverse order in this very way:

If A leads to => B, then non-A leads to => non-B!
When this is present, then that comes into being...
When this emerges, that arises too...
When this is absent, then that does not come into being...
When this ceases, that vanishes too...

The forward causality:
When ignorance arises, mental construction also appears..
When mental construction arises, consciousness also comes into being..
When consciousness arises, name-&-form also comes to be..
When name-&-form arises, then the six senses emerge too..
When the six senses arise, then contact is the consequence..
When contact arises, then feeling is assigned too..
When feeling arises, then urge and craving surely follows..
When craving arises, then clinging too becomes dominant..
When clinging arises, then the process of becoming is initiated..
When becoming arises, then rebirth inevitably also appears..
When rebirth arises, then aging and death, sorrow, distress, pain, grief
and despair also arises. This verily is the origin, the causing, the arising
of this entire mass of Suffering...

The reverse causality:
Consequently, when this very same ignorance is utterly uprooted & eliminated,
then mental construction is tranquilized, all stilled, and it ceases & dissolves..
When mental construction ceases, then consciousness itself fades away..
When consciousness ceases, then naming-&-forming also terminate..
When name-&-form ceases, then the six senses come to an end..
When the six senses cease, then contact closes down as well..
When contact ceases, then feeling stops out too..
When feeling ceases, then craving also evaporates..
When craving ceases, then clinging is relinquished too..
When clinging ceases, then the re-becoming process essentially ends!
When becoming ceases, then this process of endless rebirth is exhausted too..
When birth ceases, then aging, death, sorrow, sadness, and pain also finishes.
This verily is the cessation, and the final end of this whole mass of Suffering...!

Dispersing all Darkness...

Then, he, the Blessed One, on recognizing the profundity of that sequence,
exclaimed: When the appearance of phenomena becomes clearly manifest
to this very Noble Friend through rapt meditation, then he is constantly s
cattering Mara’s - the Evil One's - army, exactly as the sun continuously
disperses all darkness, when lighting up the bright sky...

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