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Acutely Aware is Aloof, Above, and at Ease!

Once the Blessed One was staying at
Vesāli in Ambapāli's grove.
There and then, he taught the Bhikkhus exactly in this very way:
Bhikkhus a Noble Friend should remain: Aware and Settled!

And how does a Noble remain Aware?
In this: Such Noble Friend sees any Body as just a frame of materiality
- a mere transient physical form - thereby keeping any lust and rejection
arisen for and of this world under firm control. Aroused, composed, and alert.
Such Noble Friend sees any Feeling as just a reaction to sense contact
- a mere short-lived mental response - thereby keeping any desire and aversion
arisen for this world under firm control. Just eager, calm and clear.
Such Noble Friend sees any Mentality as just a passing set of moods
- a mere ever-changing complex habitual mental formation - thereby keeping
any craving and anger arisen from this world under firm control, by being
keen, balanced and attentive.
Such Noble Friend sees any phenomenon as just a fleeting mind experience
- a mere blinking appearance of a momentary mental state - thereby keeping
any attraction and repulsion arisen from this world under firm control by
remaining aloof, above, and at ease while acutely aware. Thus is a Noble Aware...

And how does a Noble remain Settled?
In this: When going out, and when returning such Friend is continuously
settled in awareness of exactly that relocation...
When looking forward, and when gazing backward such Noble Friend is
continuously settled in awareness of just exactly that seeing...
When bending a leg, and when stretching an arm such Noble Friend is
continuously settled in awareness of only exactly that movement...
When wearing a robe, and when bearing a bowl such Noble Friend is
continuously settled in awareness of exactly that presence...
When eating, when drinking, when chewing, when tasting, and
when swallowing such Noble Friend is continuously settled in
awareness of exactly that gradual process...
When using the toilet, when walking, standing, sitting, lying, sleeping,
waking up, speaking, and when keeping silent such Noble Friend is
continuously settled in awareness of exactly that activity...
Thus is a Noble Settled... 
A Bhikkhu should remain Aware and Settled, Bhikkhus.
This is our instruction to you.

Unfailing Continuity of clear Awareness is the crucial issue here!
That settled unfailing Awareness of all moments as they pass by mind
flickering in time, can disable and eliminate the otherwise domineering
autopilot and always pleasure-seeking or boxing-aversive monkey-mind!
Black-hole non-awareness should be noted in these common daily situations:
"Oops where did I put my keys?", "Ach, I forgot my umbrella there... again!"

Illustrative Story:
A Zen monk once sought a teacher living in the mountains. When he
reached his hut, he quickly entered after leaving his sandals outside.
After his reverential bowing, but before he could make any request,
this teacher asked him:
"To which side of the door did you put your sandals outside?"
Stunned by the fact that he could not remember this trivial fact,
he realized just there on that very spot, that establishing unfailing
continuous awareness was an essential requirement, he yet had to
fulfill... He stayed therefore for years on this mountain with that
well seeing teacher to do exactly just that!
Samyutta Nikāya - Kindred Sayings V: On the four foundations of Awareness.

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Aware and Settled..

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