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Not Examining causes Assumption to Arise:

The wanderer Vacchagotta approached the Blessed One and greeted him.
Concluding their compliments, he sat down aside and asked the Buddha:
Master Gotama, what is the cause, condition and reason, why these various
speculative views arise in the world: This Universe is eternal, or the universe
is not eternal. This universe is finite, or infinite. Vitality and the body are
the same, or biological life, metabolism is one thing, the body is another.
The Tathagata exists after death, or he does not exist after death.
The Tathagata both exists and does not exist after death. Or finally:
The Tathagata neither exists, nor does not exist after death?
The Blessed Buddha replied:
It is, Vaccha, because of neither knowing form, nor feeling, nor perception,
nor mental construction, nor consciousness, nor the cause of origin of form,
feeling, perception, mental construction, and consciousness, nor the cause
of ceasing of form, feeling, perception, construction, and consciousness,
nor the way to cease form, feeling, perception, construction, & consciousness
that these various speculative  views, such as: "This Universe is eternal,
finite etc. " arise in the world! This ignorance, this not seeing, blindness,
this not understanding, this not fully knowing, this not breaking through,
this not comprehending, this not penetrating, this not discerning, this not
discriminating, this not differentiating, this not closely investigating, this
not directly experiencing and realizing, friend Vaccha, is the cause, and
is the reason, why those various speculative views arise in this world!

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book III 257-263
The Vacchagotta section 33. Thread on Not Knowing: Aññānā Sutta (1-55)

Not Examining!

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Updated: 04 Dec 2015
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