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What is the Best Fortune that ever can be Gained?

Once an illuminating deity asked The Buddha:

Which good fortune is the best? Whereto he answered:
Not associating with fools, but only with the wise;
Honouring only those, who really deserves it;
Living in suitable climatic and peaceful regions;
Great learning, good discipline, and exact speech;
Service to mother and father, support of wife and kids;
all these are the supreme good fortune!

Giving, and living the just and generous life supporting relatives;
Avoidance from all evil behaviour through complete self-control;
from intoxicating drinks, and drugs causing carelessness;
Reverence, devoted faith in the Dhamma, humility, and contentment;
Grateful hearing and study of the Dhamma, when one is ready for it:
This is the supreme good fortune!
Forbearance, patience, and humble yet keen attention, when corrected;
eeing ascetics, recluses, sages, and Bhikkhus, who explain the Dhamma;
iving the Noble life, understanding the Noble Truths, and realising quenching;
Being unperturbed, when contacted by the manifold phenomena of the world;
Having established these exquisite states, one is unconquered everywhere;
One goes
in safety everywhere — this is verily the supreme good fortune!
Sutta Nipāta 258-269

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The Best Fortune..

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