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  Re-Birth Reproduces Suffering ever Again!


Birth in the world is an indispensable necessity for all kinds of suffering!
If no being were ever again reborn in hell, the unbearable
scorching pain,
or other states of
agony, grief or misery, then pain would have no chance!
Therefore the Sage explained that birth is pain! Multifarious are the many
sorts of pain, that creatures have to endure both as physical and mental...
Since birth does this pain procure, birth is pain: This consequence is sure!
While the hungry ghosts know pain in great variety through hunger, thirst,
& hopeless fear, no other, unless actually reborn there, knows this misery!
this repeated and blind birth, the Sage indeed declared only pain to be.
In empty space, where demons dwell in searing cold, black and thick gloom,
their depressed despair requires rebirth there as well, just as an evil spell!
The horrible torment any being feels on coming out the womb is also pain...
Can there be a painful state
anytime or anywhere if birth has not preceded?
Indeed this Sage so great, when he explained pain, took care first to point
out rebirth as pain, the condition always & unambiguously needed to suffer!
Visuddhimagga 501

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Birth entails Suffering!

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