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The folly of Blaming, Accusing and Condemning:

Please note that when one points the accusing and blaming finger at another saying
you did this wrong": Then ONE -1- finger points to him/her - the alleged offender,
BUT 3 -THREE - fingers points back at the accuser, the blamer, the finger-pointer!
Why so?
is blaming finger-pointer unknowingly him/herself does the whole of 3 wrongs:
1: Blaming = not forgiving,
: Not Understanding Cause = ignorance,
3: Wanting to Punish = hate, cruelty and revengefulness!

Blaming, accusing and condemning won't and can’t ever help anybody with anything…
Why not? It simply does neither know, nor thus remove the cause of the problem…

Only understanding can and will remove this crucial underlying cause of the problem!
Why so: It knows and sees the impersonal roots of the problem, which always are
mixed derivatives of ignorance, greed and hate! This knowing and seeing enables total
elimination of this core cause and therefore the resulting problem: Thus is examining
leading to understanding much better than blaming!
Understanding is the Chief!



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