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  • bodhipakkhiya-dhammā

The 37 'things pertaining to enlightenment', or 'requisites of enlightenment' comprise the entire doctrines of the Buddha.

They are:

  • the 4 foundations of mindfulness (satipatthāna, q.v.),

  • the 4 right efforts (s. padhāna),

  • the 4 roads to power (iddhi-pāda, q.v.),

  • the 5 spiritual abilities (indriya; s. bala),

  • the 5 spiritual powers (bala, q.v.),

  • the 7 factors of enlightenment (bojjhanga),

  • the Noble 8-fold Path (s. magga).

In M.77 all the 37 bodhipakkhiya-dhammā are enumerated and explained though not called by that name.

A detailed explanation of them is given in Vis.M. XXII. In S.XLVII, 51, 67, only the five spiritual abilities (indriya) are called bodhipakkhiya-dhammā; and in the Jhāna-Vibhanga, only the 7 factors of enlightenment (bojjhanga).

See The Requisites of Enlightenment, by Ledi Sayadaw (WHEEL 169/172).

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