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The Blessed Buddha once said:
Any Bhikkhu contemplates this body from the soles of the feet upward, and from the
top of the hair downward, as a disgusting frame of bones, stitched with tendons with
skin stretched over it, filled with many impurities: This body consists only of head-hairs,
body-hairs, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bones, marrow, kidneys, bile, lymph, pus, blood,
sweat, fat, tears, tallow, spittle, snot, joint fluid, and urine.  Just as if a sack with openings
at both ends were full of many various kinds of grain: Wheat, rice, mung beans, kidney beans,
sesame seeds, husked rice, and a man with good eyesight, pouring it out, were to reflect thus:
This is wheat. This is rice. These are mung beans and kidney beans. These are sesame seeds.
This is husked rice, in exactly the same way, monks, a monk reflects on this very body upward
from the soles of the feet, and downward again from the hair-tips of the head...
Source: DN 22, MN 10

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