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The Happiness of Bliss is the Goal of all Life!

The Buddha on the Beauty of Bliss:
Blissful is solitude for one who is content, learned, and who sees the Dhamma.
Blissful is harmlessness towards all beings without any exception.
Blissful is full freedom from any sensual urge whatsoever.
Yet, the supreme bliss, is the elimination of this abysmal conceit “I am”!
Udana – Inspiration: II – 1

Mind initiates, and precedes all phenomena... Mind is their maker.
All phenomena, and all states are mind-created.. Therefore:
If a p
erson thinks, speaks, or acts with a good, and pure mind:
Happiness then follows him like a never-leaving shadow ;-)

Dhammapada 2

Oh let us live happily! Possessing nothing at all...
Let us feed on joy, just like the shining Devas :-)
Dhammapada 200

Nibbānam paranam sukham...

Nibbāna is the Highest Bliss!
Dhammapada 203-4

On this precious happiness, pleasure, and bliss (Sukha):
Samana-Sukha, Untroubled_Yeah, Happy

Beautiful is Bliss :-)

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