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The Buddha on Kamma (Intentional Action):

I am the owner of my actions (kamma), inheritor of my actions, born of
my actions, created by my actions, and have my own actions as my judge!
Whatever I do, good or evil, I will feel the resulting effects of that ...
Source: AN V 57 

Intention, Bhikkhus, is what I call action, for through intention one
initiates these actions through the door of the body, speech or mind.
There is kamma (intentional action), Bhikkhus, that ripens in hell....
There is kamma that ripens in the animal world..
There is kamma that ripens in the world of humans....
There is kamma that ripens in the divine world....
Threefold, however, is this ripening fruit of kamma:
ripening during here in this life, or
ripening in the next rebirth life,
or ripening in even later rebirths ...
Source: AN VI 63

The 10 advantageous courses of action (=Good Kamma):
The 3 bodily actions: Avoidance of killing, stealing, and abusive sexuality.
The 4 verbal actions: Avoidance of lying, slandering, angry & empty speech.
The 3 mental actions: Doing Withdrawal, Good-will, and Right Views.
Source: MN 9

Greed, Bhikkhus, is a condition for the arising of kamma.
Hate is a condition for the arising of kamma.
Confusion is a condition for the arising of kamma.
Source: AN III 109

One who kills & harms goes either to hell or will be short-lived elsewhere.
One who torments others will be afflicted with disease or disability.
The angry one will look ugly, the envious one will be without influence.
The stingy one will be poor, the stubborn will be placed low and stupid.
The lazy will be without knowledge, understanding and certainty.
In the contrary case, one will be reborn in heaven or reborn as man.
One will be long-lived, beautiful, influential, highborn and intelligent!
Source: MN 135

There are 10 meritorious actions leading to human or divine rebirth:
1: Giving.
2: Morality.
3: Meditation.
4: Reverence by paying respect to monks and elders.
5: Performing services to others.
6: Transference of merits to others.
7: Rejoicing in others' merit.
8: Learning this true Dhamma.
9: Teaching this true Dhamma.
10: Correcting one's wrong views.

To the extent that there are beings, past, and future, dying & re-arising,
all beings are the owners of their actions, inheritor to their actions, are
born of their actions, created by their action, conditioned by their actions,
related to their actions, and are dependent on the effect of past actions.
Whatever they do, for good or for evil, from that will they feel the result...
Source: AN V 57

For details on the mechanics of Kamma (=Karma) = Intentional Action see:




The Intention is the Kamma!

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