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The 2 Sides of the same Coin: Buddhism & Science!

Contemporary orthodox quantum physics, and early Buddhism contains three
crucially converging, and parallel core concepts:
1: Wholeness, oneness, and unity in the sense that all is interdependent and
forever entangled. Changing any tiny part entails changing the entire universe!
2: Emptiness and insubstantiality denoting that materiality is a potential of many
possible manifestations, and not a solid substance, or a constantly existent entity.
3: Mind over matter: That expels the fact that mind selects, which aspects of very
many possibilities in a probability distribution, that will manifest during observation.
Thanx to Gerald Penilla, California, USA, innerprisms.com for this fine excellence of
presentation. Video here:  https://vimeo.com/2293696

Where Science and Buddhism Meet part 1-3:

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Buddhism meets Science..

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