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The Golden Buddhist Life Standards 1
The golden Buddhist's life standards make harmony for oneself and others.
This layman's code of discipline = (gihi-vinaya) organize social relationships
so that they produce a society of happy beings being in sweet harmony...

Law 1: Avoid the 14 kinds of Wrong Behaviour:

A. Refraining from the 4 actions that defile mentality (kammakilesa):
1: Killing, violence, harming, breaking, or taking of any form of life (pānātipāta).
2: Stealing, theft, misappropriation, and violating property rights (adinnādāna).
3: Sexual misconduct such as adultery and paedophilia (kāmesumicchācāra).
4: Speaking false, lying, misleading, deceiving, and pretending (musāvāda).

B. Desisting from the 4 kinds of badly twisted behaviour (agati):
5: Biased and skewed behaviour based on desire, lust, and greed (chandagati).
6: Biased and skewed behaviour based on anger, hate, and irritation (dosagati).
7: Biased and skewed behaviour based on fear, anxiety, and timidity (bhayagati).
8: Biased and skewed behaviour based on ignorance, confusion, and doubt (mohagati).

C. Avoiding the 6 ways leading to ruin apāya-mukha = lit: The Mouth of the Downfall:
9: Being addicted to drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs that causes careless neglect.
10: Always revelling in party, nightlife, festivities, and folly company.
11: Being restlessly bent on empty entertainments, and amusements.
12: Being addicted to gambling, betting, and gaming.
13: Associating with evil friends of
bad behaviour.
14: Being chronically lazy.

A constitution for Living. Buddhist Principles for a Fruitful and Harmonious Life.
Ven. P.A. Payutto.  Buddhist Publication Society 2007: BP 620S https://www.bps.lk

Sound Ethics make Harmony. On these golden Buddhist Life Standards:

The Golden Buddhist Life Standards 1

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