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The Fire of Lust, Hate & Ignorance!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
On this occasion the Blessed One was staying at Gaya's Head, together
with a thousand bhikkhus. There the Blessed One told these bhikkhus this:
Bhikkhus, All this is burning! And what, bhikkhus, is that All  that is burning?
The eye, ear, nose, tongue, body & mind is burning. Forms, sounds, smells,
flavours, touches, and mental states are also burning! Any eye, ear, nose,
tongue, body & mental consciousness is also burning! Any eye, ear, nose,
tongue, body & mental contact is also burning! Any feeling arised caused by
eye, ear, nose, tongue, body or mental contact, whether pleasant, painful or
neutral, that too is indeed also burning...
Burning with what?  I say: Burning with the fire of lust, hate and confusion,
birth, ageing, death, sadness, weeping, pain, frustration, & with desperation!
Seeing this, bhikkhus, the instructed Noble disciple is disgusted with any eye,
ear, nose, tongue, body & mind, he is disgusted with any form, sound, smell,
flavour, touch, and any mental state, he is disgusted with any eye, ear, nose,
tongue, bodily or mental consciousness & contact, and with whatever feeling,
whether pleasant, painful or neutral, caused by whatever sensed contact,
with that too is he dismayed, disgusted, sickened, revolted, and horrified!
Understanding this, the intelligent Noble disciple is disgusted with this All ... 
Being disgusted creates disillusion... Disillusion evaporates clinging and this
relinquishment of all forms of sensing and feeling induces mental release!
When detached the mind is unagitated! Being all imperturbable one attains
Awakening right there & instantly understands: This mind is forever freed!
Rebirth is ended, the Noble Life is completed, done is what should be done,
there is no state beyond or surpassing this...!
This is what the Blessed One said. Elated, those bhikkhus was pleased with
the Blessed One's speech. While this teaching was being spoken, the minds
of the thousand bhikkhus were released from fermentation by non-clinging...

Comments: The Fire Sermon!
These bhikkhus were all prior fire-worshippers, who in blinded superstition
sacrificed to the fire morning and evening! This fact made Buddha realize:
If I teach them, that the 12 sense-sources are blazing & burning with pain,
they will awaken right there in their seats by relinquishing all clinging...

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV 19-20
The 6 senses section 35. Thread on Burning: Ādittam Sutta (28)

Being is Burning on Lust, Hate & Ignorance!

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