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Calm (samatha) and Insight (vipassanA):

There are two principal kinds of mental development (bhāvanā):
1: Development of mental tranquillity and calm (samatha-bhāvanā)
culminating in the development of concentration (samādhi-bhāvanā)
2: Development of insight (vipassanā-bhāvanā) culminating in the
development of understanding (paññā-bhāvanā).
Both qualities: Calm and Insight, are essential and crucial for release!
Tranquil Calm (samatha) is the pleasant, peaceful, yet lucid state of
a settled mind acquired as a preliminary to meditative absorption.
It blesses the meditator with 3 things: Happy life, happy rebirth, and
a mental purity suitable for gaining progressively penetrating insight..
Concentration is a necessary prerequisite for such incisive insight..
Why so? It removes the distractions that veil the investigating vision!
Insight is that, which leads to entrance of the 4 stages of Nobility..
Why so? It irreversibly removes gross and latent mental hindrances!
The term samādhi  literally means ~being firmly put evenly together
(sam + a + dha), and is mental state focused on only one single object:
cittassa-ekaggatā, which literally means ~ mind gone one place only =
one-pointedness of mind.
Any state of consciousness has a degree of mental concentration!
One may distinguish these four increasing levels of concentration:
1: Momentary or transient concentration (khanika-samādhi),
2: Preliminary or preparing concentration (parikamma-samādhi),
3: Access, approach, or neighborhood concentration (upacāra-samādhi),
4: Absorption, or attainment concentration (appanā-samādhi).
Insight (vipassanā)  is the penetrative understanding, gained by only
direct meditative experience of the inherent transience, misery, and
selflessness (anicca, dukkha, anattā) of all physical and mental states
of being included in these 5 clusters (khandha) of mental clinging:
form, feeling, perception, mental construction, and consciousness...
Bhāvanā  is derived from the causative form of the verbal root bhu,
bhavati = to be, to become, causing to be, making come into being,
the calling into existence of, the production of, or development of.
When applied to Mental Training this simply means Meditation...

Simultaneous Calm            and Insight!

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Calm and Insight..

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