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Inner Tranquillity is a Mental Power:

In what sense is calm a power? In the 1st jhāna  this mental calm does not
waver even when attacked by the 5 mental hindrances, thus is calm a power!
In the 2nd jhāna  this serenity does not flicker by any thoughts or thinking,
thus is calm a power... In the subtle mental sphere of neither perception, nor
non-perception, this tranquil composure does not hesitate, even when facing
void empty nothingness, thus is calm a power! Such silenced imperturbability
can neither waver, nor vacillate, nor hesitate in any unstable indecisiveness
despite being provoked by agitation, confusion, distraction, and perturbation,
therefore is calmness a power. Such is the power of calm: The calm power!
Visuddhimagga 703

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The Power of Calm!

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