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Any Cause Entails Effect: Be mindful in all you do!

There are some fundamental tenets. One is the universal regime of cause and effect.
The second is the fact of mutually linked interdependence of all phenomena..
The third is in understanding that there is a specific dependence in any origination,
which is that which dependently emerges, changes, disappears and disintegrates...
The 4th fact is the impermanence of all conditioned things, and the complete absence
of mind-independent existence or substance of both the cognizer and the cognized....
The fifth is the suffering caused by mistaken perception of permanence of reality.
In our social as well as individual lives, we have to encounter much suffering caused
by this false apprehension of a 'stable' reality, and thus a possible 'lasting' happiness.
Buddhism does not believe in mortifying the flesh; it does not believe in ignoring
the demands of life, or the potential for expanding knowledge about the universe;
it does not deny that knowledge can help to reduce suffering or improve conditions
of living. It has therefore no distaste for science or technology. On the contrary,
it believes that right use of science/technology can improve the quality of our lives.
But since technology involves the choice of goals, then the motivation that prompts
these choices and ways and methods of pursuit of these goals become very important.
If these motivations ignore or violate any of the facts listed above, they are bound
to increase individual and social suffering, and not the welfare they naively intended.
Hence what we believe will contribute to our pleasure sometimes could turn out to be
the cause of aggravated long-term suffering. To the Early Buddhist, ethics and morality
are not alien to, but indeed inherently immanent in the mechanics of cause and effect.
They are not commandments of one who is the creator, and who functions above this
realm of cause and effect. Nor have their observance to be induced by a system of
reward and punishment. The understanding that that any action takes place within
the inescapable network of cause and effect has turned Buddhism away from the need
to look for an external source of authority, or reward and punishment administered
by an external "God-Almighty"-like authority. Actions have their inevitable consequences
as they are guided by the law of cause & effect. Thus our motivations and actions will
have their effects on ourselves as well as the social and even natural environment in which
we live. We cannot overlook this effect, and therefore deny or neglect the responsibility
to assure that our behaviour creates a minimum harmless, conducive at best advantageous
effect on ourselves as well as our social and natural environment.
Advances in science and technology are neither based on an ethical analysis of motives,
nor a complete analysis of the chain-reacted impact that these technologies are likely
to cause on the psyche and environment. Just consider techs like: Painkillers and phones..
The negative consequences of this absence of mindfulness have now caught our attention.
What do we do? Persist in the mindless pursuit of individual power and material possessions,
unconcerned with its consequences may run the risk of a mental mass suicide of the species!
The answer lies within us, within our minds. The any Early Buddhist it is an aware mindfulness,
which is the crucial 1st basis on which to choose the right Way that leads to freedom & peace.

Among the most powerful enemies of mindfulness are desire, greed, & the almighty spider ego,
that only seeks promote this false ego at the cost of others, the society, and the environment.
The answer that Buddha Dhamma clearly gives is mindfulness even to protect mindfulness itself,

and the ethics & morality that this self-awareness makes imperative in a cause and effect web.
Edited excerpt by Lama Doboom Tulku, Times of India, Dec 21, 2011

Causes, good as bad, inevitably spread as effects, like rings in water!

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