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What is the Cause of Contentment (Santutthi) ?

The blessed Buddha once said:

Contentment is the highest Treasure! Dhammapada 204

Please imagine a state, where one always is

If always content, what would one need, urge for, or ever want? Nothing! :-)

What is the cause of contentment?
Mutual joy with other's success is the proximate cause of contentment...
Lack of Mutual joy is therefore the cause of

Mind Mechanics:
A: When did you last rejoice by embracing someone else's good success?
B: When did you last enjoy the calm peace of satisfied contentment?
State-A=rejoicing causes => state-B=contentment..

A: When were you last envious & jealous at someone else's good success?
B: When did you last experience the itch of dissatisfied discontentment?
State-A's-opposite=envy causes => state-B's-opposite=discontentment..

Mutual joy can be trained! Result => Calm Content!
Enjoy Elevated Rejoicing Mutual Joy! It cures!
When providing the cause, one gains the effect:
Calm content satisfaction :-)

Mutual Joy Audio Dhamma-Talk: Rejoicing evaporates Envy and Jealousy..

How? Please see here:

How2 Get Calm Contentment?

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