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What Right View gives Certainty of Rightness?

Seeing the 5 Clusters of Clinging: form, feeling, perception, mental construction,
and consciousness collectively as impermanent, as painful, as a disease, as a boil,
a dart, a calamity, an affliction, as alien, as disintegrating, as a plague, as terror,
as menace, a disaster, as fickle, as perishable, as not lasting, as transient, as no
protection, no shelter, no refuge, as empty, as vain & void, as no-self, as danger,
as subject to change, as having no core, as the root of ruination, as murderous,
as due to be annihilated, as subject to fermentation, as constructed of parts,
as Mara's bait, as subject to birth, subject to ageing, subject to illness, subject
to death, subject to sorrow, subject to lamentation, subject to despair, subject
to defilement. By seeing that the 5 clusters of clinging are impermanent, one thus
acquires a fondness, an inclination, a preference that conforms with the Dhamma!
By seeing that ceasing of the 5 clusters of clinging is the very immutable Nibbāna,
one enters into the certainty of rightness. This is therefore perfectly right view!
Ps II 238, Vism 611

Clusters of thoughts and clinging mental states can be like Bees!

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Physical aggregates can have many forms, yet mental even more so!

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