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Why one cannot have a "Self" that is 'changing'?


In short:
Because the concept of a "self" - itself! - prescribe that this "ego" remains exactly the same over a
prolonged time! So also do we subjectively indeed experience it: Though older "I" am the same 'person'
with the same 'name'... we say and automatically tend to think... However only the name, which is an empty
designation or 'label' remains the same, but nothing of what that this label 'names' or signifies, whether
mental or physical remains the same even for a millisecond! All mental states and also
all bodily material
change momentarily! Thus "we" are never exactly the same from one moment to the next...
Nor is anything external, or physical ... !

There exists no 'Ego', 'Self', 'Agent', 'Operator', 'I-Me', or "little man" (homunculus) inside any being...

Secondly: A true 'Self' is assumed to be in full power over itself... Otherwise: If this self has no power
over itself: Who or what has then power of this self? If anything else has power over the self, then this
actually deserves more to be called a 'self'. However realistically all events depend on specific external
and internal causes, and not on any imaginary inherent 'self', embedded 'agent' or illusory 'operator'...
Nothing is the same. Everything is changing. Nothing is a static entity. Everything is a dynamic process.
Nothing is therefore under full control of any self. And nothing can ever be
under full control of self

since everything is dependent on its own specific causes and conditions, over which no self has power...

The "Ego-Me-I-Self" is a merely a recursive auto-projection or "self"-imagination of a non-real entity!

Thirdly: There is individuality:
Only a single process of the 5 clusters of clinging (khandha) conventionally called 'a person' experiences
the kammic after effects of it 'own' past activities... Other clusters of clinging conventionally called

'other persons' and
'other sentient beings' do not run into, or experience these kammic effects of others.
But there is no identity:
Nothing within or outside of this ever re-arising process of these  5 clusters of clinging is ever the 'same'
or therefore  'identical',
or therefore an 'identity'... The 'person' is thus neither ever the '
same', nor ever
another', but just a selfless process of ever changing momentary states... Nothing of such ephemeral weak
transience is ever worth clinging to, since any such clinging to any such fallacy, can only result in Suffering..

As the Buddha said (and only the Buddhas can re-discover this):
"Sabbe Dhamma Anatta!" = All phenomena are no-self, no-substance, and core-less! 
All states are impersonal! There is no agent, or essence, or substance neither behind,
nor within, nor without any phenomenal appearance...

Blissful is solitude for one who is content, learned and who see the True Dhamma.
Blissful is harmlessness towards all beings without exception.
Blissful is freedom from any sensual urge whatsoever.
Yet, the supreme bliss, is the elimination of this abysmal conceit "I am"!'
Udāna - Inspiration: II - 1

On this enigmatic No-Self (Anatta) Doctrine: Self-&-Substance-lessness'I'-dentification.htm'I'-dentification.htm

No-Self: Individuality without Identity...


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