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                The 4 Foundations of Awareness:


Which Four Foundations?

1: Only if and when the Noble Friend resides regarding any Body -own or other-
simply as a heaped up group, just as a transient, compounded and complex form,
only as a fragile, accumulated and alien assemblage, while being alert, aware and
thereby clearly comprehending, then will he cause effective removal of all urge,
and frustration rooted in this world...!

2: Only if and when a Noble Friend dwells observing any Feeling –from within or
from without– simply as an affective emotional reaction, as an assigned response,
only as a fleeting sensation, while being keen, fully conscious and continuously
attentive, then will he thereby consequently eliminate all desire, and discontent
caused simply by being in contact with this world...!

Only if and when a Noble Friend abides viewing any Mood –present or remote-
simply as a fancy temper, just as a made up mentality, only as a conscious moment,
while being ready, actively investigating and deliberately discriminating, then will
he thereby naturally eradicate all longing, and sadness inherent in this world...!

4: Only when a clever Friend lives comprehending any Phenomenon –internal or external –
simply as a passing mental state, just as a mentally created and conditioned construct,
only as an experienced appearance, merely as a created, imaginary, & reflected imprint, 
while being acutely awake, mindful and carefully understanding, then will he thereby
overcome all attraction and repulsion entrenched, and ingrained in this world...!


Without any even single exception:
Whoever in the distant and ancient past has Awakened to full Enlightenment;
Whoever in the present, right now is Awakening to complete Enlightenment;
Whoever in the near and far future will ever Awaken to perfect Enlightenment;
All those have been freed, is being freed, and will be freed only through and by:
Initiating, cultivating & establishing these unique 4 Foundations of Awareness!
The single and sole cause of really being mentally really present...!

Check it Out: It pays off inestimably!

Clever Presence!

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