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 How to eliminate & leave behind Wrong View?

The Blessed Buddha once explained how right view induces release:
Friends, when one regards this eye, visibility, and all that can be seen,
which actually indeed is impermanent, as transient: That is a right view.
When one regards this ear, hearing and all sounds, which really are just
passing things, as fleeting: Then that indeed is a quite right view.
When one regards this nose, smelling and all odours, which are temporary,
as transient: That is right view. When one regards this tongue, tasting, &
all tastes, which also are non-lasting, as transient: That is also right view.
When one regards this body, the tactile sense and all that can be touched,
which is inconstant, as a impermanent: Then that is surely a right view.
When one regards this mind, thinking, and all ideas, which actually also are
quite ephemeral, as just momentary: Then that too is a quite accurate view.
Seeing these fading phenomena rightly, one develops dispassion & disgust!
Disillusion, dispassion and disgust gradually destructs delight and desire..
With the gradual destruction of delight, comes the full elimination of lust.
With the gradual destruction of lust, comes the full elimination of delight.
With the complete elimination of both delight and lust, the mind is said to
be well released from the addictive obsession of sense-desire...

Comments: The real prison is not physical & outside, but mental & inside!
The released mind does not want anything, need anything, seek anything..
The released mind does not yearn, hunt, crave, or hanker after anything..
Being thus without urge, thirst or hunger, such mind is entirely stilled...
This serene tranquility is a bliss, freedom and peace not of this world!
Final Freedom... Yeah!

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The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV 142
Section 35: On The 6 senses. The Destruction of Delight!: 156-7.

Releasing Right View!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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