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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


Distorted perception imagines: Worldly Happiness is possible!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Dukkhānupassanam bhāvento sukhasaññam pajahati...
When gradually developing the contemplation of Suffering (dukkha),
one gradually overcomes the false perception of pleasure and happiness...



He once convinced a pedantic disputant by this cut-to-the-bone explanation:

Friend Aggivessana, what do you think, is any material form, is any feeling,
is any perception, is any mental construction, and is any consciousness,

always permanent, or always impermanent?

Venerable Gotama, they are all always impermanent...

If all these things always are impermanent, are they then pleasurable, or are
they then disappointing and painful? Are they then happiness or suffering?
Venerable Gotama, then they are all painful, then they are all suffering...

Aggivessana, what do you think, when one searches for what is suffering,
clings to what is suffering, resorts to what is suffering, holds on to what
is suffering and regards what is suffering as: "This is mine, this I am,
this is my self..." can one then ever come to understand suffering,
or ever be freed from all suffering?
How could one ever Master Gotama, no never Master Gotama...

Source: MN I [232]


At Savatthi the Venerable Radha asked the Blessed One:
Venerable Sir, one says: Suffering!! What, Venerable Sir, is suffering?
Form, Radha, is suffering, feeling is suffering, perception is suffering,
mental constructions are suffering, consciousness is suffering...!
Understanding this, Bhikkhu, a well instructed Noble Disciple experiences
disgust towards form, disgust towards feeling, disgust towards perception,
disgust towards mental construction, and disgust towards consciousness itself!
Experiencing disgust, he becomes disillusioned! Through disillusion his mind is
released. When it is released, he instantly knows: This mind is liberated, and
he understands: Extinguished is this rebirth, this Noble Life is all completed,
done is what should be done, there is no state of being beyond this...
Source: SN 23:15 III [196.1]

More on this universal, inevitable and absolute Suffering (Dukkha):

Impermanence Causes the Suffering!
The World can therefore not ever bring Lasting Happiness

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