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That Craving Causes Pain is a Noble Truth!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
What now, friends, is this Second Noble Truth on the Cause of Suffering?
Cause of suffering is Craving, which bound up with pleasure and desire,
delighting now here, now there. This gives rise to renewed rebirth!
SN 56:11
But where, and when does this Craving arise and take root?
Wherever in the world there are delightful and pleasurable objects, exactly right
there and then does this
craving arise, takes root, and grows... The eye, ear, nose,
tongue, body, mind, forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, ideas, thoughts, mental
states, consciousness of sensation, sense contacts, feelings born of that contact,
perceptions, intentions, cravings, thoughts, and reflections are all attractive and
pleasurable: Right there and then does this toxic
craving arise, make root and grow...
This is called the
Noble Truth on the Origin of Suffering! DN 22

Feeling is the Cause of Craving:
If perceiving a form, sound, smell, taste, touch, idea, or mental state as pleasant,
then one is attracted: Right there craving, greed, desire,lust, longing and urge is born.
Pleasant feeling thus causes Greed!
If perceiving the sense object as unpleasant, then one is repelled: Right there hate,
anger, aversion, antipathy, and opposition is born!
Unpleasant or painful feeling thus causes Hate and all its derivatives!
If perceiving the object as neither pleasant nor unpleasant, then one is disinterested,
and thus neither observes nor examines the object: Right there Ignorance, neglect,
unawareness, and disregard
is born...
Neutral and indifferent feeling thus causes Ignorance to arise! MN 38

The 3 kinds of Craving:
1: There is
craving for Sensing forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touches,
ideas, thoughts, mental objects and mental states! (This is Kāma-Tanhā)...
2: There is
craving for Becoming this or that. like rich, healthy, famous,
beautiful, respected, successful, and adored etc. (This is Bhava-Tanhā)...
3: There is craving for Non-Becoming this or that, like poor, sick, dead,
ignored, disregarded, ugly, failed, and despised. (This is Vibhava-Tanhā)...
DN 22

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