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   How to cure hesitant Doubt and Uncertainty!

Noticing Doubt-&-Uncertainty (vicikicchā) emerge can make it fade away:

Herein, Bhikkhus, when Doubt-&-Uncertainty is present in him, the bhikkhu
notes & understands: "There is Doubt-&-Uncertainty in me", and when this
Doubt-&-Uncertainty is absent, he similarly notices and understands: "Now
no Doubt-&-Uncertainty is in me". He also fully understands how unarisen
Doubt-&-Uncertainty arises. He also understands how to leave behind any
arisen Doubt-&-Uncertainty, and he understands how left and eliminated
Doubt-&-Uncertainty will not arise again in the future. MN 10

What is the feeding cause that makes Doubt-&-Uncertainty arise?
There are doubtful, unclear, indeterminable, and inconclusive ambiguities!
Often giving irrational and unwise attention to such matters, is the feeding
cause of the arising of yet absent Doubt-&-Uncertainty, and the feeding
cause of worsening and aggravation of Doubt-&-Uncertainty, that already
emerged. SN 46:51

What is the starving cause that makes Doubt-&-Uncertainty cease?
There are advantageous & detrimental states, blameable and blameless,
average and excellent states, and dark and bright states, frequently giving
rational and wise attention to these, is the starving cause for prevention of
unarisen Doubt-&-Uncertainty, and the starving cause for the elimination
of Doubt-&-Uncertainty, that has already appeared. SN 46:51

Some advantageous reflections regarding Doubt-&-Uncertainty:
There are these 6 things, which help to throw out doubt:
1: The state of being learned in the Buddha-Dhamma.
2: Examining the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.
3: Understanding the advantageousness of Moral Discipline. 
4: Being decided and convinced about the 3 Jewels.
5: Sympathetic, clever and helpful friends, who know directly.
6: Explaining talk and teachings that can dispel doubt.

Doubt-&-Uncertainty is like a Desert:
Doubt-&-Uncertainty is just as when a rich man travels through a desolate
desert where there is no food and much danger.
Freedom from Doubt-&-Uncertainty is like when he has crossed the desert,
and gradually reaches safety near a village, a secure place, free from danger.
There he is relieved. DN 2

So is it when doubts about one of the 8 objects of doubt has arisen. See note # below
Doubting whether the Master really is a perfectly Enlightened One or not,
one cannot become assured of it with confidence. Unconvinced one remains
unable to attain to the paths and fruits of Nobility. Thus, as the traveller
in the desert is uncertain whether robbers are there or not, he produces in
his mind, again & again, a state of wavering & vacillation, a lack of decision,
a state of anxiety, and thus he creates in himself an obstacle for reaching
the safe ground of the Noble Ones (ariya-bhumi). In that way, is sceptical
doubt like travelling in a barren and dry desert!

#: They are, according to the Vibhanga: doubt in regard to the Buddha,
the Dhamma, the Sangha, the (threefold) training, the past, the future,
and the conditionality of dependently arisen phenomena.

Doubt and uncertainty can only be indecisive about which action to choose
and thus paralyze the skeptic by hesitancy leaving the problem unsettled!
Doubt can only be eliminat
ed by frequently examining & scrutinizing the object.

Once elderly yet undecided brahman Dhotaka asked the Buddha:
I see here in the world of beings divine & human, good ones,
who live simply by possessing nothing. I thus bow for your All-around Eye.
Please Sakyan, release me from my doubts!

The Buddha answered: No one in this world, Dhotaka, can I ever release
from doubting. But knowing the most excellent Dhamma, you will cross the
raving ocean of vacillating uncertainty.

Dhotaka now more confident: I admire, Great Seer, that peace supreme,
all stilled, knowing which, living aware and detached, I'll go beyond the
imprisoning entanglement of this world.

Then I will teach you that peace even right here, not just hearsay,
understanding this, living aware and detached, you will go beyond
the incarcerating entanglement of this world.

Teach me as your friend, O best one, the Dhamma of detachment so that I
may know directly, so that I, as unaffected as space, may live right here,
at ease in peace, calmed, stilled and not dependent on anything...

Whatever you are aware of, Dhotaka, above, below, across, or in between;
know this as a chain to this world! Thus, do not create any craving for any
form of being in existence, any form of new becoming or any non-becoming!
Sutta Nipāta V 6

Entering the jungle of views and opinions, one will never reach certainty!

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Doubt and Uncertainty creates Hesitation!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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