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Dear Dhamma Friends: Food is regularly Needed here:

One can advantageously donate funds for food, which is needed every month here.
Whoever gives food later gains bodily strength, vitality, vigor and health.

Or one can do an:
Online Dāna Offering:
One can order and pay food online at Sri Lankan Supermarket Keels here:

Register a new account on select Pickup City: Kandy Pickup
Keells Super Kandy (William Gopallawa Mw.), #489,
When U have ordered then click “save cart”. Then U can easily order the same again.
Chose: Pickup delivery option at checkout and write in the notes:
To: Bhikkhu Samahita. (Lay name: Jan Erik Hansen, Passport#: 209694008)
Pickup by: Venerable Bhikkhu Samahita.
You can put ANY delivery date or Pick-up date.
They accept Sri Lankan bank transfers and credit cards and also international credit cards.
Then I can pick it up with the receipt U will get emailed from Keels if U forward it to me.
Once you have placed you order and got the order number copy and paste the webpage into
an email to: [email protected]

Giving Food via Gift Voucher:

One can buy a gift-voucher on any amount to be
 kept at the Kandy-2 shop signed with my name and address.
Link to gift-voucher on 2500 LKR = ~17 US$
Link to gift-voucher on 5000 LKR = ~34 US$
Link to gift-voucher on 1500 LKR =  ~10 US$
Link to gift-voucher on 1000 LKR =    ~7 US$
or search for gift-voucher on https://www.keellssuper.com
Kindly E-mail me [email protected] the payment receipt you get from Keels as documentation.

OR give Food items from this list to choose from:
chick peas
green gram
red dhal
red onions
corn flakes
pita bread
whole-meal bread
sunflower oil
maggi noodles family pack
ginger paste
mango chutney
milk powder
coconut milk powder
mixed fruit jam
unroasted curry powder
dettol soap
toilet paper
tooth paste
washing powder
whiskas dry cat-food

Any other gift-voucher to Keels Super, Cargills Food City or Arpico
on any amount can be sent to my address:

Mail Address:

Venerable Bhikkhu Samahita
Cypress Hermitage, Bambarella
20838 Tawalantenna
Kandy, Central Province.
Phone: (+94) 081 562 0553

Please notify by email any food purchase via Keels to me via [email protected])

The Cypress Hermitage, Knuckles Mountain, Sri Lanka: A Palace of Peace ...

If you wish to help the Forest Sangha materially with upholding and sharing the Saddhammā,
then a quite good opportunity is open right here! Any support for food, medicine, clothes, footwear & shelter
is indeed dire needed and quite appreciated.
:-) All on-line Donations are processed securely by .
Both credit cards & bank accounts are accepted.
For Online Donation: Click:

For subscribing to Automatically Recurring Monthly Donation: click here:

Many Thanx in Advance!

Sabbe Sattâ Bhavantu Sukhi Tattâ:
May All Beings Become Thus Happy Thereby!

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Giving Food is giving & getting Life, Strength and Health!

Home  |  Appreciations of Donations  |  Subscribe to Regular Donation  |  Dhammadhara_Foundation 2012 Progress Report

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