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No Doer exists apart from Kamma & its Effect!

only appear mentality-materiality, which occurs caused by previous kamma.
One cannot discover any doer over or behind the activity of the doing itself..
There is neither any experiencer of the result apart from the result itself..
That we say 'doer', when actually there is 'doing', and 'experiencer' when
actually there is 'experiencing', is nothing more than linguistic convention.
Therefore the Ancient Elders said : There is no doer of a deed, or anyone
who reaps the deed's result. Impersonal phenomena alone arise and cease...
No other view than this is right. Only kamma and its result causally maintain
their cyclus, just as seed and tree succeed in turn.  No first beginning can
be shown. Nor in the future round of rebirths can any 'agent' ever be found!
Sectarians, not knowing this, fail to gain self-mastery, since they assume a
'being', a 'person', a 'doer', an actor, or an agent, who performs the action..
The stream of craving carries them on, while caught in this mesh of their views.
Since the stream thus carries them on, they thus are not freed from suffering.
A monk, a disciple of the Buddha, with direct knowledge of this egolessness,
can penetrate this deep and subtle conditionality empty of any acting agency.
There is no kamma in a result of kamma, nor does a result exist in the kamma.
Though they are void of one another, there is no effect without this kamma,
nor does the kamma still persist in the result it has produced. Kamma is void
of its result, and no effect exists yet in the kamma. Still this resulting fruit
is born from the kamma, wholly depending on this initiating and seeding kamma.
For there is no almighty God as creator of this revolving round of rebirths!
Phenomena alone flow on: Cause and effect; Processes and their conditions.
Visuddhimagga 603

Activities and their resulting traces is, but no actor or agency!

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The Deed without Doer...

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