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All Phenomena Emerge Depending on a specific Cause!

Dependent Origination is the core chain of any causality:
Dependent on ignorance arises kammic-construction (moral and immoral);
Dependent on kammic-constructions arises rebirth-consciousness;
Dependent on consciousness arises mind and body, name-&-form;
Dependent on mind and body arise the six sense sources;
Dependent on the six sense sources arises contact;
Dependent on contact arises feeling;
Dependent on feeling arises craving;
Dependent on craving arises clinging;
Dependent on clinging arises becoming;
Dependent on becoming arises birth;
Dependent on birth arises decay, ageing, death, sorrow, pain, and despair.
In this way arises this whole mass of suffering...

With the ceasing of ignorance, ceases also kammic-construction;
With the ceasing of kammic-construction, ceases also consciousness;
With the ceasing of consciousness, ceases also mind and body, name-&-form;
With the ceasing of mind and body, ceases also the six sense sources;
With the ceasing of the six sense sources, ceases also contact;
With the ceasing of contact, ceases also feeling;
With the ceasing of feeling, ceases also craving;
With the ceasing of craving, ceases also clinging;
With the ceasing of clinging, ceases also becoming;
With the ceasing of becoming, ceases also birth;
With the ceasing of birth, ceases also ageing, death, sorrow, and all despair.
In exact this way ceases this entire mass of suffering irreversibly...

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Source: BPS Wheel no 54 (Edited Excerpt):
The Mirror of the Dhamma. A Manual of Buddhist Devotional Texts.
By Nārada Thera and Bhikkhu Kassapa. Revised By Bhikkhu Khantipālo:

Dependent is Causation...

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