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                Voidness is Absolute Absence of Agitation:

The Blesses Buddha once said:

Not attending to the experience of people, or of city, the monk focuses on the single,
even, and same experience of Forest...! His mind is absorbed into that pure experience
of Forest and he acquires assured confidence, fixed imperturbability, and determination.
There and then he understands: Whatever agitation there always was in the experience
of city and people, all that is absent here.. Here only remains a minor distraction rooted
in this silent, sweet, same, single and even experience of endless Forest!
Thus he understands: This field of mental state is indeed void of the experience of the
buzz and stress of people and city. There is present only this stilled sameness condensed on
experience of Forest. He regards the present state as void of what actually is absent,
while what now
actually still remains in presence, that he notes as still actually present..
This, Ananda is the very first step in the gradual, genuine, undistorted, ancient and
into Voidness...
Again and then, Ananda, by now not attending to the experience of forest, the monk shifts
and focuses until he reaches one-pointed absorption on the single, even, and same unified
Experience of the extensive solidity of Earth...
Experience of the cohesive fluidity of Water...
Experience of the vibrating radiation of Heat...
Experience of the energetic kinetic mobility of Motion...
Experience of the infinitude of Space...
Experience of the infinitude of Consciousness...
Experience of the empty void of Nothingness...
Experience of neither perception, nor non-perception...
Experience of the signless and objectless mental absorption...
In this void state, he understands that all other phenomena are now quite absent!
Only the non-voidness due to the subtle signless mental absorption is still present...
This too, Ananda, is the gradual, genuine, undistorted and pure descent into voidness...


The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. 121 [iii 106] The minor speech on Voidness.

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