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Genuine Devotion is a pleasing Delight :-)

The Buddha's descent in Sankassa.

Homage to that Perfectly Self-Enlightened One!

Thus, indeed, is that Blessed One: He is Worthy, fully enlightened, endowed with clear
vision and virtuous conduct, sublime, the knower of worlds, the incomparable leader of
men to be tamed, the teacher of gods and men, awakened and blessed...
Forever do I reverence for the Buddhas of the past, those of the times to come, those
Buddhas of the present aeon. No other refuge do I seek: The Buddha is my only refuge.
By this Truth may peaceful victory be mine! I revere with my head the dust on his feet.
If I have wronged the Buddha, may the Buddha bear with me and forgive me. Until this
life's end, to the Buddha I go for refuge. Who is the foremost speaker among mankind,
The Sakyan Sage, a Holy One, whose task is done, gone beyond, possessed of supreme
power and energy! Only to you, the well-come and well-gone One, I go for saving refuge!

Homage to that perfectly formulated Dhamma!
The Dhamma of this Blessed One is perfectly explained, to be seen here and now, inviting
anyone to come & see for themselves, leading onward to Nibbāna; to be known by any wise
each for himself. Homage to that Dhamma leading out of all this suffering, out of Samsara!
To the Dhamma of the past ages, the Dhamma of the times to come, and the Dhamma of this
present time, forever do I reverence. No other refuge do I seek, this Dhamma is my refuge. 
By this Truth: May peaceful victory be mine! I revere with my head this triple Dhamma of the
three supreme qualities: Morality, Concentration and Understanding... If I have wronged the
Dhamma: May the Dhamma bear with me, and forgive me.  Until life's end to the Dhamma I go
for refuge. Freed from lust, cleared of craving, sorrow-free: An absolute Law, all gracious,
gratifying, satisfying, sweet, potent, profound, an exact, complete, and analytic science...
To this very Dhamma I go for refuge!

Homage to that Great Sangha Community of the Eight Noble persons.
The Sangha of the Blessed One's disciples has entered on the good way; the straight way;
the true way; on the direct way, that is to say: the 4 pairs of men, the 8 types of persons.
This Sangha of the Blessed One's Noble disciples is fit for gifts, suitable for hospitality,
appropriate for offerings, and worthy of reverential salutation with joined palms, as an
incomparable field of merit in this world. Forever do I reverence for: The Sanghas of the
past ages, those of the times to come, and all of the Noble Sanghas of the present time.
No other refuge do I seek. This Sangha is my true refuge. By this very Truth: May peaceful
victory be mine! I revere with my head this peerless Noble Sangha.  If I in any way have
wronged this Sangha: May the Sangha bear with me. Until life's end, to the Sangha I go for
refuge. Whatever is given to these 4 pure pairs of Noble persons, and these eight kind of
Noble beings, who have indeed realized the True Dhamma, such gift invokes immense fruit!
To this very Noble Sangha only, I go for refuge!

How to become a real Buddhist formally? Take refuge here!

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Source: BPS Wheel no 54 (Edited Excerpt):
The Mirror of the Dhamma. A Manual of Buddhist Devotional Texts.
By Nārada Thera and Bhikkhu Kassapa. Revised By Bhikkhu Khantipālo:

Devotion is Delight!

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