Devoured by Delight »
Drop of Dhamma Delight!


Deceiving Sensuality: Empty of Happiness!

The Blessed Buddha explained all worldly phenomena as being frustrations:
Whoever delights in forms, feelings, perceptions, mental constructions,
and in whatever kind of consciousness, also delights in plain Suffering!
Whoever delights in Suffering, cannot ever be freed from Suffering...
I tell you: So is it really!
SN 22:29

Delight is a Mixed and Camouflaged state!
Delight is Craving mixed with, and covered over by gladness of satisfaction!
Craving is the cause of Suffering! (So indeed says the 2nd Noble Truth!)
Therefore is delight indeed also camouflaged suffering! Deadly is Delight!
Why so? Because it makes one seek back here, and there for more delight!
This search-urge in itself - in the death-moment -
is the very cause of rebirth!
When there is rebirth, there will also be redeath! Thus: Delight causes Death!
Beings are devoured by this delight! Again and again! A Deadly Decoy Delight!


Why laugh? Why party? Always is this world burning!
Why when in darkness do you not seek light?
How can you find delight, and folly laughter
Where there is inner burning without end?
In the deepest darkness
are you wrapped!
Why don't you seek towards the light?
Dhammapada 146


See this painted puppet, one big mass of sores, a diseased frame of skin drawn upon bones,
possessing many evil thoughts, a thing much regarded and beloved, yet of neither stable,
nor ever lasting nature ... Look at this puppet here,  well rigged up, a heap of oozing sores,
piled up, diseased, and full of greediness, unstable, and impermanent!
Dhammapada 147

This body is worn out, a fragile form, a nest of disease,
a rotting mass of deception since its life surely ends,
always, and inevitably ceasing only in cold Death ...
Devoured by old age is this empty frame,
A prey to sickness, weak and frail;
Into pieces breaks this putrid body,
Any body will truly drop
at death!
Dhammapada 148


Blissful is freedom from any sensual urge whatsoever!
Udana – Inspiration: II – 1                                                              


Yes there is pleasure in the world. But it always goes away and thus turns into frustration!
Taking delight means urging back here by rebirth, and therefore also entails more death!
Taking dee-light means covering the fine light of consciousness with the defiled craving..
Much better it is to seek the all-open light of Nibbāna instead!  

All This - whatsoever -  is Suffering: Such is the 1st Noble Truth:

    Devoured by Deadly Decoy Delight!

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