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Contemplating the Qualities of the Dhamma:

Perfectly formulated is this Buddha-Dhamma, visible right here and now, immediately effective,
timeless, inviting each and everyone to come and see for themselves, inspect, examine and verify.
Leading each and everyone through progress towards perfection. Directly observable, realizable,
and experienceable by each intelligence...

When a Bhikkhu is devoted to this recollection of the Dhamma, he thinks:  I never in the past met
a master, who taught a law that led onward thus, who possessed this talent, nor do I now see any
such a master other than the Blessed One. Seeing the Dhamma's special qualities in this very way,
he is respectful and deferential towards the Master. He entertains great reverence for the Dhamma
and attains the fullness of faith and insight. He has much happiness and gladness. He conquers fear
and dread. He is able to endure pain. He comes to feel as if he were living in the Dhamma's presence.
When recollecting the Dhamma's special qualities, dwelling in this remembrance, his body becomes as
worthy of worship as a shrine room. His mind tends towards the realization of the peerless Dhamma.
When he encounters an opportunity for transgression, then he has vivid awareness of conscience and
shame induced by recollecting the well-regulatedness of the Dhamma. And if he penetrates no higher,
he is at least headed for a happy destiny...

Now when a man is truly wise, his constant task will surely be,
This recollection of the Dhamma, blessed with such mighty potency!

Visuddhimagga I 218

The blessed Buddha said:
Sabbadānam dhammadānam jināti; Sabbarasam dhammaraso jināti;
Sabbaratim dhammarati jināti; Tanhakkhayo sabbadukkham jināti.

The gift of Dhamma surpasses all other gifts. The taste of Truth excels all other tastes.
The joy of understanding exceeds all other joys. The elimination of craving overcomes
and quenches all ill, all pain, all sorrow, and all suffering ...
Dhammapada 354 Background Story

Remembering this perfect ever returning Dhamma Doctrine:

In the Dhamma's Presence..

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