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Verse 305: The Story of the Thera Who Stayed Alone

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (305) or this book,
with reference to a Bhikkhu, who stayed by himself. Because he usually stayed alone,
he was known as Thera Ekavihari.

Thera Ekavihari did not mix much with other Bhikkhus, but usually stayed by himself.
All alone, he would sleep or lie down, or stand, or walk. Other Bhikkhus thought ill of Ekavihari
and told the Buddha about him. But the Buddha did not blame him; instead he said, "Yes,
indeed, my son has done well; for, a Bhikkhu should stay in solitude and seclusion".

Then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 305. He who sits alone, lies down alone, walks alone, in diligent practice,
and alone tames himself will find delight & solace by living in the forest.

Translated by Daw Mya Tin, M.A.,
Burma Pitaka Association, Rangoon, Burma 1986.

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