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Factors: mental: see: cetasika- F. of absorption, see: jhāna- F. of enlightenment, see: bojjhanga.

abilities = Abilities: indriya, see also paccaya 16.

Fading away (of craving) = disillusion: see: virāga.

Faith: Saddhā

Faith-devotee: and Faith-liberated one: see: ariya-puggala B.

Faithful-natured: saddhā-carita see: carita

Fatalism: see: ditthi

Favour: 4 ways of showing sangaha-vatthu

Feeling: vedanā, further see: khandha- Contemplation of f.: vedanānupassanā see: satipatthāna.

Femininity: s bhāva indriya

fetters = Mental chains: The 10 f. binding to existence; see: samyojana

Few wishes: see: appicchatā.

Fine-material sphere: or Fine-material world: see: avacara loka Absorptions of the: rūpa-jjhāna see: jhāna

Fire-element: see: dhātu I.

Fivefold sense-door: Directing to the: pañcadvārāvajjana see: viññāna-kicca.

Five-group existence: pañca-vokāra-bhava

Fixed destiny: see: niyata-micchā-ditthi, niyata-puggala.

Fixity: see: niyama tathatā dhamma-tthiti-ñāna

Floods: the 4: ogha are identical with the 4 fermentations āsava.

Food: material: is one of the 4 nutriments āhāra. Foodproduced materiality, see: samutthāna- Refusing all further f., see: dhutānga- Loathsomeness of f. see: āhārepatikkūla-saññā

Foolish babble: sampha-ppalāpa see: kamma, kamma-patha I; cf. tiracchāna-kathā.

Forbearance: khanti

Forest-dweller: the ascetic practice for the: see: dhutānga

formation = Construction: sankhāra

Foundation: nissaya one of the 24 conditions paccaya,. Wrong f. of morality, see: nissaya f. of sympathy: sangaha-vatthu f. forming absorptions: pādaka-jjhāna, - f. of an Arahat's mentality: see: adhitthāna

Foundations of awareness or mindfulness: the 4: satipatthāna.

Four-group existence: catu-vokāra-bhava

Freedom of will: problem of the: cf. paticcasamuppāda X.

Friend: noble: kalyāna-mitta

Frivolous talk: cf. tiracchāna-kathā kamma-patha I, 7, kamma.

Fruition: result of supra-mundane path: phala see: ariya-puggala A.

Fruits of monk-life: sāmañña-phala

Full comprehension: pariññā

Functional consciousness: or consciousness functioning independently of kamma: kiriya-citta, see viññāna-kicca

Functions of consciousness: viññāna-kicca.

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