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Obduracies: the 5 mental: ceto-khila

Obhāsa: 'effulgence of light', aura, appearing at times during deep insight vipassanā may become a 'defilement of insight' vipassanūpakkilesa; cf. visuddhi V.

Object: Ārammana, as condition see: paccaya 2.

Obstacles: the 10 o. of meditation: palibodha, for the 5 mental obstacles, or hindrances, see: nīvarana

Odāta-kasina: 'white-kasina-exercise'; see: kasina

Ogha: 'floods', is a name for the 4 fermentations āsava.

Ojā: 'nutriment' synonym of āhāra, is one of those 8 minimal constituent parts, or qualities, of all materiality, to wit: the solid, liquid, heat, motion; colour, odour, taste and nutriment. This is the 'octad with nutriment as the eighth factor' ojatthamaka-kalāpa also called the 'pure 8-fold unit' suddhatthaka-kalāpa being the most primitive material combination. For further details, see: rūpa-kalāpa.

Okkanti: 'conception', lit. 'descent', designates the appearance of the embryo in the mother's womb, i.e. the beginning of the birth process jāti.;Through the concurrence of 3 circumstances arises the embryo. When father and mother have united,... and the mother has her time, and the 'genius' metaphorically for the kamma energy is ready; under these 3 circumstances does the embryo appear; M. 38.

Old age: jarā, is one of the 3 divine messengers see: devadūta

Olfactory organ: s. āyatana.

Omāna: 'inferiority-conceit'; see: māna

Once-eater: the practice of the: see: dhutānga.

One-group existence: eka-vokāra-bhava

One-pointedness of mind: citt'ekaggatā a name for mental concentration samādhi.

Opapātika: lit. 'accidental' from upapāta accident; not from upapatti as PTS Dict. has; 'spontaneously born', i.e. born without the instrumentality of parents. This applies to all divine and infernal beings.;After the disappearing of the 5 lower mental chains samyojana, he the Anāgāmi appears in a spiritual world opapātika...

Open air: practice of living in the: see: dhutānga

Opposite: 'overcoming by the opposite,' see: pahāna

Orambhāgiya-samyojana: the 'lower mental chains', i.e. the first 5 mental chains that bind to lower existence; see: samyojana

Origination: dependent: paticcasamuppāda

Origination of materiality: s. samutthāna

Ottappa: 'Fear of Wrongdoing'; see: hiri-ottappa

Overcoming: the 5 kinds of: see: pahāna- Full understanding consisting in o.; see: pariññā - the effort to overcome, see: padhāna- Overcoming doubt, the purification by; see: visuddhi IV.

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