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 The Detrimental and Advantageous topics of Conversation:

The disadvantageous subjec
ts of bestial conversation are: 
conversation about kings, robbers, and ministers of state, armies, alarms, and battles, food and drink,
clothing, furniture, garlands, and scents, relatives, vehicles, villages, towns, cities, the countryside,
women and heroes, the gossip of the street and the well, tales of the dead, tales of diversity,
the creation of the world and of the sea, talk of whether things exist or not.

The 10 advantageous subjects of conversation are:
Talk on the Modesty of having few wants,
Talk on the Bliss of Contentment,
Talk on the Joy of Seclusion,
Talk on the Ease of Disentanglement,
Talk on the Energy of Enthusiasm,
Talk on the Advantage of Morality,
Talk on the Calm of Concentration,
Talk on the Insight of Understanding,
Talk on the Freedom of Release,
Talk on the Direct Knowledge and Vision of Release ...

For other detrimental subjects of conversation see:

What are Good Topics?

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