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 Diversity of Contacts prompts Urge & Search:

The Blessed Buddha once explained:

There is eye-sensitivity, visual forms, & visual consciousness.
The meeting of these three elements, is eye Contact...
There is ear-sensitivity, audible sounds, & auditory consciousness.
The encounter of these three elements, is ear Contact...
There is nose-sensitivity, smellable odours, & olfactory consciousness.
The occurrence of these three elements, is nose Contact...
There is tongue-sensitivity, tastable flavors, & gustatory consciousness.
The happening of these three elements, is tongue Contact...
There is body-sensitivity, sensible touches, & tactile consciousness.
The coming together of these three elements, is body Contact...
There is mental-sensitivity, mental states, & mental consciousness.
The coincidence of these three elements, is mental Contact...

Friends, it is in dependence on the diversity of these elements, that there
arises the multiplicity of perceptions; & in dependence on the multiplicity of
perceptions, that there arises the variety of intentions; & in dependence
on the variety of intentions, that there arises the diverseness of contacts; &
in dependence on the diverseness of contacts, that there arises the array
of feelings; & in dependence on the array of feelings, that there arises
the mishmash of desires; & in dependence on the mishmash of desires, that
there arises the manifold of fevers; & in dependence on the manifold of
fevers, that there arises the abundance of searches; & in dependence on the
abundance of searches, that there arises multifarious enthralling urges...

How so? Regarding e.g. form; in dependence on intention for form, there
arises contact with form; in dependence on contact with form, there arises
feeling born of contact with form; in dependence on feeling born of contact
with form, there arises desire for form; in dependence on desire for form,
there arises fever for form; in dependence on fever for form, there arises
the search for form; in dependence on the search for form, there arises the
need of form... Such is the emergence of this manifold hunt, urge & wanting!

Obvious examples:
Sex, porn, food, money, drugs, booze, praise, fame & various entertainments!
Every second of our lives this bombardment of sensuality creates suffering!

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